Daily use of Neo1973

Thomas Gstädtner thomas at gstaedtner.net
Wed Feb 20 13:28:18 CET 2008

After flashing the newest snapshot (and 2.6.24 kernel) yesterday, I decided
to give the Neo a try as everyday-phone again.
So I took it with me today, did some calls and so on.
It mostly worked fine, the battery lasts about a day (standby + doing some
calls and playing around), except one freeze after waking it up from
Unfortunately I can't use the Neo as phone.
As I work in field service for a big mobile carrier, I use my phones outdoor
and usually some hours a day. Especially the first point is not really
possible with the Neo.
The volume of the speaker is _much_ too low, it's hard to understand your
opponent if the wind is blowing and there's a street close. There also are
echoes on both sides, so it's really hard for the opponent to understand
you. There also is a hall effect that is very annoying.
At moment there's no chance for me to replace my Nokia with the Neo. Hope
it's getting better.

Well, last but not least there are some positives to report: SMS and
Incoming/Outgoing calls work good now, the Neo wakes up from standby if a
call is comeing in, what is pretty good for the battery. Thanks to the
bright display it's also possible to dial and read SMS in the sun, although
the display is transmissive.
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