Daily use of Neo1973

Thomas Gstädtner thomas at gstaedtner.net
Wed Feb 20 15:27:33 CET 2008

My current phone is a Nokia N70, and that's what I compare the Neo with.
I used the phone in various situations - snowboarding on 3000 meters, while
standing on 50 meter high free-standing towers, at 180 km/h on the German
Autobahn, and in different data centers. With all the noise and/or the wind
in this situations, I never had a problem with the Nokia - it of course was
not perfect, but I could understand everything.
Long way to go for the Neo.
At least it's definitely possible to use it in your office :)
Let's see how the Neo performs on the coming snowboard-trip (where I
hopefully can use the GPS).

On 2/20/08, Kevin Dean <kevin at foreverdean.info> wrote:
> I'm familiar with the echos, I commented on them many times during my
> reviews. For me, however, they were mostly corrected as of the 11 Feb
> 2008 official snapshot.
> Talking in the wind is difficult with the Neo, but then I've never
> actually had a phone that did that well.
> I use my Neo as my primary phone and in MOST cases it works well. I am
> a bit nervous, however, because there are enough stability issues
> (dialer crashing while phone calls are in progress, gsm randomly
> dying, freezes, misrepresentation of level of charge, et cetera) that
> I'm afraid of what will happen in the event of an emergency.
> I am frequently told by my wife that she's called or sent SMS that I
> didn't get, all the while my Neo is still saying I'm connected to my
> carrier.
> If you want to develop on a device that can make phone calls, the Neo
> works. If you want a functional phone you can develop on, it would be
> best to wait for the Freerunner hardware (which, now that I think
> about, it's the only OpenMoko hardware you'll be able to get on the
> primary market - Neo1973 units have sold out!)
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 7:28 AM, Thomas Gstädtner <thomas at gstaedtner.net>
> wrote:
> > After flashing the newest snapshot (and 2.6.24 kernel) yesterday, I
> decided
> > to give the Neo a try as everyday-phone again.
> > So I took it with me today, did some calls and so on.
> > It mostly worked fine, the battery lasts about a day (standby + doing
> some
> > calls and playing around), except one freeze after waking it up from
> > standby.
> >  Unfortunately I can't use the Neo as phone.
> > As I work in field service for a big mobile carrier, I use my phones
> outdoor
> > and usually some hours a day. Especially the first point is not really
> > possible with the Neo.
> >  The volume of the speaker is _much_ too low, it's hard to understand
> your
> > opponent if the wind is blowing and there's a street close. There also
> are
> > echoes on both sides, so it's really hard for the opponent to understand
> > you. There also is a hall effect that is very annoying.
> >  At moment there's no chance for me to replace my Nokia with the Neo.
> Hope
> > it's getting better.
> >
> > Well, last but not least there are some positives to report: SMS and
> > Incoming/Outgoing calls work good now, the Neo wakes up from standby if
> a
> > call is comeing in, what is pretty good for the battery. Thanks to the
> > bright display it's also possible to dial and read SMS in the sun,
> although
> > the display is transmissive.
> >
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