Daily Snapshot Review - 20 Feb 2008

Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Wed Feb 20 19:56:01 CET 2008

Sorry for the long delay on my reviews. This weekend I had family
visiting from across the country (USA) as well as several odds and
ends (i.e. Forgetting to bring my USB cable) that prevented me from
doing a review on Tuesday.

I don't think I missed too much, though, since until today the last
kernel image was the 14th's, which I did review.

The full review for today can be found

In general, today is good. :) Boot time is down from the 14th by
almost 50 seconds, bringing it to an under-2 minute boot from uBoot to
working clock loaded.

The big news today is that SD support has appeared in the 2.6.24 kernel. :)

My recommendation is that all users upgrade their rootfs and new
2.6.24 kernel image to the ones found at the top of the review.

I'd really like to hear input by you guys on where I can go from here.
I've gotten kind words from people who find these reviews save them a
bunch of time and I've been thanked personally by Sean Moss-Pultz and
gotten input from developers so I know these reviews are useful. How
can I make them more so? Most functionality is pretty stable as far as
I can tell (barring major system changes like a new kernel). Should I
branch the reviews out and start testing individual applications or
should I begin looking for expected features that aren't already

Input from anyone who cares would be greatly appreciated. :)

-Kevin Dean

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