Daily Snapshot Review - 20 Feb 2008

Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Wed Feb 20 20:45:46 CET 2008

>  What i would like to see is a changelog for the releaaes. Maybe there is
>  somewhere, but i have not found it.

The closest thing to this is a subscription to the digested commitlog
mailing list (http://lists.openmoko.org/mailman/listinfo/commitlog).
Every day you can get an e-mail showing you where code was checked in
to the SVN repositories.

>  When i do a update i would really like to know where work was done.
>  This would also allow me to follow the development more closely and see
>  where changes are and where it might be intersting to look at.

The beginning of the digests list which module recieved the check-in.
You can say in about 4 seconds "Oh, 4 kernel patches, two to opkg and
one to openmoko-messages2".

>  Regards
>   Tilman

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