Daily use of Neo1973

Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Wed Feb 20 23:41:05 CET 2008

Using ipkg it is possible to update the Neo the same way apt-get
update can refresh a Debian system. I've done this on mine via USB
networking and I've seen reports that it has been done via GPRS (which
is painfully slow but works). Is this not enough?

>  I wonder though why a living Neo with a network connection (borrowed
>  from the PC it's connected to) cannot just go ahead and update itself
>  over the Internet. Why do I have do download an image and use some
>  cumbersome tools to get it on there. Continous integration means: Build
>  often, test often, so I would rather have my Neo refreshed with the
>  night's build every night.

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