Daily use of Neo1973

Tilman Baumann tilman at baumann.name
Thu Feb 21 00:31:52 CET 2008

Am 20.02.2008 um 23:15 schrieb Torsten Schlabach:
> I wonder why such simple things are not yet in the software. We all  
> know the Neo isn't for end users yet, but aren't these problems  
> annoying to all of us or is that just me?

I use a computer with a real os to load my neo. Never found any  
problem with that.
> > Strange. But however, it is windows...
> Some people having to work for money to pay toys like a Neo are  
> forced to use Windows in the office, for example.

Lucky me. I'm forced to work on Linux. :)

> These people would also love to see the Windows port of dfu-util to  
> keep the software on their Neo updated.

Current marked are developers.
Maybe all windows developers are forced to work so hard on windows, so  
they don't have time to port that utility?
Or is it just that they are only marginal?

Clearly, these are issues which have to be cleared before marked  
launch. Maybe FIC has to force (pay) someone to do this?
> I wonder though why a living Neo with a network connection (borrowed  
> from the PC it's connected to) cannot just go ahead and update  
> itself over the Internet.

It can.
Tough the last word on how to configure usb-net ips is probably not  
yet spoken. (have to staticly set ips on host at the moment)
But this is a different story...

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