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Dobrica Pavlinusic dpavlin at rot13.org
Thu Feb 21 00:40:55 CET 2008

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 11:15:47PM +0100, Torsten Schlabach wrote:
> Hi Tilman!
> > I'm pretty much sure my linux server which i sometimes use for
> > charging does not have any driver whatsoever for this device. But it
> > charges nicely.
> I guess my USB power plug does not know how to choose a device config,  
> so thank's for the hint.
> I wonder why such simple things are not yet in the software. We all know  
> the Neo isn't for end users yet, but aren't these problems annoying to  
> all of us or is that just me?

Sorry for asking a dumb question, but wouldn't a simple icon with script
behind it which enable fast charging be solution to your problem?

I made similar hack for GPS unit


and forget about problems with mapping software on my Neo.

> > Strange. But however, it is windows...
> Some people having to work for money to pay toys like a Neo are forced  
> to use Windows in the office, for example. These people would also love  
> to see the Windows port of dfu-util to keep the software on their Neo  
> updated.
> I wonder though why a living Neo with a network connection (borrowed  
> from the PC it's connected to) cannot just go ahead and update itself  
> over the Internet. Why do I have do download an image and use some  
> cumbersome tools to get it on there. Continous integration means: Build  
> often, test often, so I would rather have my Neo refreshed with the  
> night's build every night.

Having ported a thing or two to Windows over the years (using various
compatiblity layers from UWIN and Cygwin over VMWare to coLinux) I must
admit that it's a pain.

Simpliest solution which comes to mind is to use VMWare Player under Windows
to setup development enviroment under Linux and connect USB device directly
to virtual Linux box. I haven't checked VMWare player support for USB
devices, but but similar solution enabled me to deply Linux applicance with
ethernet bridging in the past, side-stepping Windows on the way...

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