Daily use of Neo1973

Marc Bantle openmoko at rcie.de
Thu Feb 21 00:50:53 CET 2008

Torsten Schlabach schrieb:
> power management is that broken that even if I leave the phone plugged 
> in to the charger on the desk, it seems to use more power than it gets 
> and dies. 
That I observed aswell. From what was said earlier on this list, Neo 
consumes up to 500mA under certain conditions, which doesn't leave much 
for charging.

While writing this, I can see phone-kit using up 85% of cpu, which slows 
down charging notably. After killing it battery picks up voltage.

Another thing I observed: Even with usb-network running, there's no 
guarantee, the device is charging. The green fill level on the battery 
panel will show up then and 
/sys/devices/platform/s3c2410-i2c/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0008/chgcur is 
drifting around between negative an 17000. So obviously charging is 
turned off. When working with ssh shell you may not even notice. 
Fortunatelly that didn't happen very often.

One day I managed to deep discharge the battery to a level, where non of 
the recovery strategies on the wiki would help (yes, I waited multibles 
of the given times after taking the battry out and when charging and 
didn't press the power button ;-). I had to "build" a provisional 
charger to get the battery back to life: Another thing I wouldn't want 
to do for an everyday phone.


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