28 Feb 2008 Truncated Snapshot

Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Fri Feb 29 18:54:26 CET 2008

Hey everyone.

As of Feb 27, buildhost began making new snapshots. Between the 20th
and the 27 there was an issue in openmoko-tasks2 that prevented the
new rootfs from being created. John fixed this as he returned from
FOSDEM and new images returned.

I didn't flash the 27th image because it posted when I was asleep and
by the time I got to the new one, the 28th had been released.

I didn't do a "full" review of the 28 Feb 2008 image because really,
very little has changed. All of the GSM functions work including SMS
and phone calls.

Media player is now playing audio files cleanly. In several songs
worth of testing there were no skips. Video files, however, were
plagued with skipping and the Neo1973 is still incapable of playing
video with the default software stack.

Stability is good, SD card support works.

I would personally recommend that everyone update to 28 Feb 2008 image
using the 22 Feb 2008 kernel (the latest as of yesterday) because it
was marginally more stable for me than my previous recommendation.

Finally, I am planning on adding more criteria to the reviews soon
(within the next few days) so I will be resuming the in-depth reviews
and expanding what should be addressed.

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