battery not charging

Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Jan 18 01:15:17 CET 2008

Anuj Sawani wrote:
> I usually leave the battery out for around 10 minutes with the USB cable 
> disconnected.

I suggest trying again for a longer time, perhaps 30 minutes. I don't 
know that 30 minutes are required, but I do know that when I do this, I 
usually forget and don't get back to that project for much longer than 
10 minutes.

> I am using a Dell laptop to charge it. I presume they have not modified 
> the USB standard for power-saving reasons. But, could the laptop be an 
> issue? I have tried different USB ports on the laptop too.

Might be. I have been suspicious of this sometimes. Do you have a 
desktop handy?

> Is there a possibility that the battery is deeply discharged into an 
> unrecoverable state?

Possible, but I've handled well over a dozen batteries by now and have 
yet to see one fail this way. Not to say it's impossible.

Where are you located?


> Thanks!
> Anuj
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>  > Hi all,
>  >
>  > The battery that came with my Neo went into a deep discharge state 
> and now
>  > refuses to charge. I followed the steps at
>  > and left it 
> connected
>  > overnight. I have tried this a few times too but the phone does not 
> turn on
>  > at all.
> Did you really really make sure to leave the battery out for a long
> time (and disconnect the USB cable, just to be sure (not that the neo
> can power itself direct from USB--which is kind of sad)) before trying
> to charge it?
> What are you trying to charge it from? Are you sure it is
> USB-compliant (i.e. provides 100mA at all times)?
> -Nick
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