Why do Bugzilla issues remain in the "New" state (Was: Re: Dial In/Out + SMS In/Out now works)

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Tue Jan 29 06:18:44 CET 2008

Peter Rasmussen wrote:
> I have now played a little more with sending/receiving SMS with the 
> image below.
> Unfortunately bugzilla records don't seem to be dealt with, so I wonder 
> what to do about such issues? I entered a report January 4., but it is 
> still in New state.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your work, your comments, and your continued support.

Bugzilla issues are dealt with, but many are prioritized behind some 
other task. Critical issues should be posted on one of the mailing lists 
to make sure the appropriate people are aware of them.

We continue to try to increase our resources so as to overcome problems 
like this.

Finally, it is our custom to keep a Bugzilla issue in the "New" state 
until it is assigned to someone who is actively working on it. Thus many 
bugs appear to be "New" when in fact they are not.

I hope this explains a little bit.


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