is FSO supposed to support the microSD card?

Jose Luis Perez Diez jluis at
Wed Jul 9 12:26:15 CEST 2008

El Wednesday, 9 de July de 2008 09:53:49 Shawn Rutledge va escriure:
> I tried flashing it on my GTA01 and the first thing I notice is there
> is no /dev/mmc*.  Nothing mentioned in dmesg about it either.
> modprobe sd_mod didn't seem to help.

The kernel & rootfs on
dotn have sd suport. 

Doing an "opkg update" , "opkg upgrade" then install kernel-module-snd 
kernel-module-snd-page-alloc kernel-module-snd-pcm kernel-module-snd-soc-core
kernel-module-snd-soc-s3c24xx kernel-module-snd-soc-s3c24xx-i2s
kernel-module-snd-soc-wm8753 kernel-module-snd-timer 

and reboot it sould now work.

Thanks for your message it made me notice that sound isn't workiging after the 
upgrade.( It is possible that not all of these modules are required but it 
was my first blind try and it worked)

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