MicroSD card does not fit in Freerunner

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) raster at openmoko.org
Fri Jul 11 13:19:02 CEST 2008

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008 12:30:15 +0200 thomasg <thomas at gstaedtner.net> babbled:

> On 7/11/08, Randy S. <randypower at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I received my FR today and had trouble fitting the microSD card in place.
> >
> > The problem is that the pins in the FR for the SD card are so high that the
> > flimsy little cover can't snap down over the SD card. I tried it anyway, and
> > put the SIM card in over the SD card to hold it in place.  I booted the
> > device but it never stopped "Registering...". So I removed the SD card and
> > now the SIM card seems to sit correctly in place (making contact on all of
> > its pins) so at least the device works and registers with the network
> > provider (T-Mobile in San Antonio, Texas).
> >
> > However, I'm running without a memory card.  This is one more thing on the
> > list of disappointments with the FR (no complete and stable software, bad
> > battery life, noisy audio during calls).
> I don't understand how anyone can talk about bad battery life. I did some
> benchmarks for myself:
> WLAN on + GPS on + GSM idle +  Display on + Backlight on 100%: 3 hours 8
> seconds
> WLAN on + GSM idle: > 6 hours
> GSM idle: > 9 hours
> This all is without any kind of powermanagement (except the
> backlight-dimming in the last both modes), so no cpufreq, no
> display-turning-off, and _no_ standby!
> This is all but bad, imho it's more or less awsome!
> It can even get better if we send the cpu in powersave modes (cpufreq would
> be fine) and turn the display off when the backlight is off, but even
> without this the freerunner is on the same level as many modern smartphones
> (some nokias do better because of the better SoCs, higher capacity batteries
> and way smaller displays).
> So maybe there are points to complain (I for myself have the GPS-problem),
> but the battery is definitely not the point.

and power management is improving. my phone has been "suspended" overnight on
my desk - unplugged. i think last i had it plugged into power was about 12
hours ago - i also was playing with it a bit and a test app i have so it was
active for at least a few minutes being used. gsm is on. wifi is off. bluetooth
off, gps off. it's still at 70% battery. so that means we have at least a good
36hrs standby - and improving. (probably more like 50hrs as i did spend some
time fiddling with it and using up copious cpu in the process).

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <raster at openmoko.org>

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