MicroSD card does not fit in Freerunner

Tobias Diedrich ranma+openmoko at tdiedrich.de
Sun Jul 13 11:11:30 CEST 2008

You wrote:
> I received my FR today and had trouble fitting the microSD card in place.
> The problem is that the pins in the FR for the SD card are so high that the
> flimsy little cover can't snap down over the SD card. I tried it anyway, and
> put the SIM card in over the SD card to hold it in place.  I booted the
> device but it never stopped "Registering...". So I removed the SD card and
> now the SIM card seems to sit correctly in place (making contact on all of
> its pins) so at least the device works and registers with the network
> provider (T-Mobile in San Antonio, Texas).

The 'flimsy little cover' does not snap down. It's more a 'holder'
(or whatever you call somehing like this). You should put the
microsd into the holder and then put it down (works just the same as
the sim card holder).

IMHO it would be nicer if it were possible to get at the SD card
without removing sim+battery. Preferably even without removing the
back cover.

For example my Sandisk Sansa mp3 player has just a little slot on
the side of it's case for the SD card.


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