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Mon Jul 14 20:30:43 CEST 2008

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> (Note: taking the mailing list back into the loop)
> Am Montag 14 Juli 2008 05:53:05 schrieb Jim Morris:
>> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
>>> Am Montag 14 Juli 2008 02:07:40 schrieb Jim Morris:
>>>> Thanks I have, I'm new to this so I wasn't even aware of what is OE and
>>>> what is OM. Is there a wiki page explaining that?
>>> Yes, please see the wiki page called 'OpenEmbedded'. In a nutshell, OE is
>>> a distribution buildkit, Om is a distribution built with OpenEmbedded.
>>> :M:
>> Ok thanks, actually what I meant was is there something that says what is
>> the domain of OE (ie in this case ruby), and what is the domain of OM (I
>> presume most of the applications).
> Every recipe is in OpenEmbedded, but Openmoko maintains the OpenEmbedded 
> recipes for their own applications.
>> When you build things like ruby, do I use mokomakefile or bitbake?
> I use BitBake, since I'm a) one of the founders of OpenEmbedded and b) work on 
> customizing distributions. You should perhaps use the makefile unless you're 
> into customizing the distribution.

Ok Thanks that is useful info. I played with bitbake for about 4 hours, and it fails to build 
several of the tools. Some work arounds were found in the OE ML, others I have not solved.

I'll switch my effort to the MokoMakefile, I was avoiding that because it appears you have to build 
the entire stack even if you want to build one component. where bitbake lets me build just ruby.

What would be really great is if I could build ruby using the OM tool chain, as I have that working. 
But seems that won't work.

There is quite a steep learning curve to start building some of these things!


Jim Morris,

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