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Mon Jul 14 20:52:03 CEST 2008

On Monday 14 July 2008, Jim Morris wrote:
> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> > (Note: taking the mailing list back into the loop)
> >
> > Am Montag 14 Juli 2008 05:53:05 schrieb Jim Morris:
> >> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> >>> Am Montag 14 Juli 2008 02:07:40 schrieb Jim Morris:
> >>>> Thanks I have, I'm new to this so I wasn't even aware of what is OE
> >>>> and what is OM. Is there a wiki page explaining that?
> >>>
> >>> Yes, please see the wiki page called 'OpenEmbedded'. In a nutshell, OE
> >>> is a distribution buildkit, Om is a distribution built with
> >>> OpenEmbedded.
> >>>
> >>> :M:
> >>
> >> Ok thanks, actually what I meant was is there something that says what
> >> is the domain of OE (ie in this case ruby), and what is the domain of OM
> >> (I presume most of the applications).
> >
> > Every recipe is in OpenEmbedded, but Openmoko maintains the OpenEmbedded
> > recipes for their own applications.
> >
> >> When you build things like ruby, do I use mokomakefile or bitbake?
> >
> > I use BitBake, since I'm a) one of the founders of OpenEmbedded and b)
> > work on customizing distributions. You should perhaps use the makefile
> > unless you're into customizing the distribution.
> Ok Thanks that is useful info. I played with bitbake for about 4 hours, and
> it fails to build several of the tools. Some work arounds were found in the
> OE ML, others I have not solved.
> I'll switch my effort to the MokoMakefile, I was avoiding that because it
> appears you have to build the entire stack even if you want to build one
> component. where bitbake lets me build just ruby.

mokomakefile can build individual packages too. If the package is ruby:
	make build-package-ruby
Then update the package index so opkg can find it:
	make build-package-package-index

These are mentioned in the wiki page, but are a little obscure.

> What would be really great is if I could build ruby using the OM tool
> chain, as I have that working. But seems that won't work.
> There is quite a steep learning curve to start building some of these
> things!
> Thanks

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