How can I use internet on emulator(Qemu) ?

JinKyoungKwon rcnzzang at
Mon Mar 3 10:01:51 CET 2008

Hi all.


I have a question.

How can I use internet on Qemu?


I found a way using minimo. ( )

---- Work step ------------------------------------------------------------

1  setup  

moko/build$ . ../setup-env 


2 build

moko/build$ bitbake minimo


3 add my-pkg to Image

local.conf modify (moko/build/conf/)


MACHINE = "qemux86"

DISTRO = "openmoko"

BUILD_ARCH = "i686"

INHERIT += " rm_work devshell"

SRCDATE_eds-dbus = "now"



4 refresh bitbake tasks

bitbake task-base -crebuild  ==> fail .


5 build

make openmoko-devel-image  ==> fail .



1 ~ 3th works were success.

But 4 th command was fail.

also "make openmoko-devel-image" command was fail..


Do you know other way to use internet ?

Plz teach me, simple case to use internet on Qemu.



Plz, help me.


Thanks & best regards.





Error log

websync at websync-laptop:~/moko$ make openmoko-devel-image

( cd build && . ../setup-env && \

          ( bitbake openmoko-devel-image u-boot-openmoko ) )

NOTE: Handling BitBake files: \ (5037/5037) [100 %]

NOTE: Parsing finished. 4814 cached, 0 parsed, 223 skipped, 0 masked.

NOTE: build 200803031123: started


OE Build Configuration:

BB_VERSION     = "1.8.10"

OE_REVISION    = "2367acbc36780145ff82f9bf404057dac326da46"

TARGET_ARCH    = "i586"

TARGET_OS      = "linux"

MACHINE        = "qemux86"

DISTRO         = "openmoko"

DISTRO_VERSION = "P1-Snapshot-20080303"

TARGET_FPU     = ""


NOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependencies

NOTE: preferred version 0.16.10 of vte not available (for item vte)

NOTE: preferred version 0.10 of hicolor-icon-theme not available (for item

NOTE: preferred version 2007e of tzdata not available (for item tzdata)

NOTE: preferred version 2007e of tzcode-native not available (for item

NOTE: preferred version 20070918+git of hal-info not available (for item

NOTE: multiple providers are available for virtual/libqte2 (qte-mt-static,
qte, qte-mt);

NOTE: consider defining PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libqte2

NOTE: Preparing runqueue

NOTE: Executing runqueue

NOTE: Running task 696 of 5343 (ID: 3221,

NOTE: package libxml2-2.6.29: started

NOTE: package libxml2-2.6.29-r5: task do_compile: started

ERROR: function do_compile failed

ERROR: log data follows

| NOTE: make

| make[1]: Entering directory

| make  all-recursive

| make[2]: Entering directory

| Making all in include

| make[3]: Entering directory

| Making all in libxml

| make[4]: Entering directory

| make[4]: Nothing to be done for `all'.

| make[4]: Leaving directory

| make[4]: Entering directory

| make[4]: Nothing to be done for `all-am'.

| make[4]: Leaving directory

| make[3]: Leaving directory

| Making all in .

| make[3]: Entering directory

| /bin/bash ./i586-angstrom-linux-libtool --tag=CC --mode=link ccache
-fexpensive-optimizations -fomit-frame-pointer -frename-registers -Os
-pedantic -W -Wformat -Wunused -Wimplicit -Wreturn-type -Wswitch -Wcomment
-Wtrigraphs -Wformat -Wchar-subscripts -Wuninitialized -Wparentheses
-Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Waggregate-return
-Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -Wnested-externs -Winline
-Wl,-O1 -ldl -o -rpath /usr/lib -version-info 8:29:6  SAX.lo
entities.lo encoding.lo error.lo parserInternals.lo parser.lo tree.lo
hash.lo list.lo xmlIO.lo xmlmemory.lo uri.lo valid.lo xlink.lo HTMLparser.lo
HTMLtree.lo debugXML.lo xpath.lo xpointer.lo xinclude.lo nanohttp.lo
nanoftp.lo DOCBparser.lo catalog.lo globals.lo threads.lo c14n.lo
xmlstring.lo xmlregexp.lo xmlschemas.lo xmlschemastypes.lo xmlunicode.lo
xmlreader.lo relaxng.lo dict.lo SAX2.lo xmlwriter.lo legacy.lo chvalid.lo
pattern.lo xmlsave.lo xmlmodule.lo schematron.lo -lz  -lm

| rm -fr  .libs/ .libs/ .libs/

| OE: Not hardcoding
'/home/websync/moko/build/tmp/staging/i586-angstrom-linux/lib' into rpath

| ccache i586-angstrom-linux-gcc -shared  .libs/SAX.o .libs/entities.o
.libs/encoding.o .libs/error.o .libs/parserInternals.o .libs/parser.o
.libs/tree.o .libs/hash.o .libs/list.o .libs/xmlIO.o .libs/xmlmemory.o
.libs/uri.o .libs/valid.o .libs/xlink.o .libs/HTMLparser.o .libs/HTMLtree.o
.libs/debugXML.o .libs/xpath.o .libs/xpointer.o .libs/xinclude.o
.libs/nanohttp.o .libs/nanoftp.o .libs/DOCBparser.o .libs/catalog.o
.libs/globals.o .libs/threads.o .libs/c14n.o .libs/xmlstring.o
.libs/xmlregexp.o .libs/xmlschemas.o .libs/xmlschemastypes.o
.libs/xmlunicode.o .libs/xmlreader.o .libs/relaxng.o .libs/dict.o
.libs/SAX2.o .libs/xmlwriter.o .libs/legacy.o .libs/chvalid.o
.libs/pattern.o .libs/xmlsave.o .libs/xmlmodule.o .libs/schematron.o
-L/home/websync/moko/build/tmp/staging/i586-angstrom-linux/lib -ldl
/home/websync/moko/build/tmp/staging/i586-angstrom-linux/lib/ -lm
-Wl,/home/websync/moko/build/tmp/staging/i586-angstrom-linux/lib -Wl,-O1
-Wl,-soname -Wl, -o .libs/

| (cd .libs && rm -f && ln -s

| (cd .libs && rm -f && ln -s

| i586-angstrom-linux-ar cru .libs/libxml2.a  SAX.o entities.o encoding.o
error.o parserInternals.o parser.o tree.o hash.o list.o xmlIO.o xmlmemory.o
uri.o valid.o xlink.o HTMLparser.o HTMLtree.o debugXML.o xpath.o xpointer.o
xinclude.o nanohttp.o nanoftp.o DOCBparser.o catalog.o globals.o threads.o
c14n.o xmlstring.o xmlregexp.o xmlschemas.o xmlschemastypes.o xmlunicode.o
xmlreader.o relaxng.o dict.o SAX2.o xmlwriter.o legacy.o chvalid.o pattern.o
xmlsave.o xmlmodule.o schematron.o

| i586-angstrom-linux-ar: entities.o: No such file or directory

| make[3]: *** [] Error 1

| make[3]: Leaving directory

| make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

| make[2]: Leaving directory

| make[1]: *** [all] Error 2

| make[1]: Leaving directory

| FATAL: oe_runmake failed

NOTE: Task failed:

NOTE: package libxml2-2.6.29-r5: task do_compile: failed

ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting

NOTE: package libxml2-2.6.29: failed

ERROR: Build of
/home/websync/moko/openembedded/packages/libxml/ do_compile

ERROR: Task 3221
do_compile) failed

NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 695 tasks of which 695 didn't need to be
rerun and 1 failed.

ERROR: '/home/websync/moko/openembedded/packages/libxml/'

make: *** [openmoko-devel-image] Error 1


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