How can I use internet on emulator(Qemu) ?

Martin Guy martinwguy at
Mon Mar 3 10:36:42 CET 2008

2008/3/3, JinKyoungKwon <rcnzzang at>:
> How can I use internet on Qemu?

QEMU has two ways:
- user-emulation, which does not need root privileges and creates a
fake subnet 10.0.2.* with fake host for gateway, DNS etc. TCP is ok,
but UDP tends not to work except to the host machine, and the emulated
machine does not have a real IP address of its own
- network tap, which requires QEMU to run as root, and uses /dev/tun*
to create a machine-local subnet into the host network stack.

I've found user-emulation easiest to set up, but network-tap gives you
a more direct connection. See the QEMU docs.


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