web browser in openmoko-qemu

JinKyoungKwon rcnzzang at websync.co.kr
Tue Mar 4 10:57:45 CET 2008

Hi. :-)


I have a question web browser in openmoko-qemu.


we can run openmoko-qemu using " make run-qemu  " command.

And we can find web browser menu in application menu in openmoko-qemu.


I want using web browser in openmoko-qemu.


so, I executed openmoko-qemu.

And I selected web browser and I wrote some Url.

And I pushed Search-button.


but I can't access any web page.


Do I configure some setting?



I must using web browser...

Is anybody using web browser on openmoko-qemu?


plz plz help me.


thanks & best regards.

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