Finally i have my neo1973

Lorn Potter lpotter at
Thu Mar 6 21:37:49 CET 2008

Kevin Dean wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 3:00 PM, George Eliozov <nerozero at> wrote:
>> Greetings to all!
>>  So I have it :) but my first experience on the OpenMoko was kernel panic :)
>>  I did my best and finally it is loading!!!!
>>  I setup my neo with that:
>>  images and it works, sometimes .. :)
>>  I got some questions, please advise me:
>>  1. please tell me how did I have to find more or less stable versions of
>>  kernel/rootfs.
> The images you used are the nightly images - they're probably the best
> to use since they are officially maintained by OpenMoko. They have the
> latest features but also the latest bugs, so sometimes an image is
> great and the next day everything is broken. :)
> I have been trying to solve this problem by doing daily reviews of the
> images. You can see when new images are added by checking
> Unfortunately, due to some meatspace issues, I haven't done a review
> in almost two weeks. :( I really REALLY hope to correct that.
> It is my personal opinion that the 28 Feb 2008 image provides the best
> call quality, stability and functionality to date but understand that
> it's still not perfect.

You might also want to try one of the Qtopia images. The gui is far more 
functional and stable than openmoko..

Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Software Engineer, Systems Group, MES, Trolltech

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