Daily Snapshot Review 12 March 2008

Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Wed Mar 12 17:46:28 CET 2008

Greetings. Two days back to back... I'm on a roll.

Anyway, today's image actually shows some slight backsliding, even
from yesterday's review. Boot time has jumped signifigantly, up about
80 seconds. In respect to boot speeds, there were two comments made in
the past 24 hours which made me feel the need to add a new criterion
to the reviews - second boot speed. The idea being that on a fresh
flash of a rootfs, boot speeds will be longer than boots where configs
have been generated already, user settings have already been set and
so on.

Today's test indicates that this is indeed the case, second boot is
over a minute quicker than first boot.

Typically, when an OpenMoko powered device is booting, there is a
splash screen with progress bar and a secondary "Please Wait" screen.
On today's image, and on yesterday's, the "Please Wait" screen is not
there, instead users see the X test pattern (grey stripes) for several
moments before userspace apps load. Since this has occured twice, I
have filed a bug on it.

Today's image also does not have sound. XorA (in IRC) believes this
problem is related to codec changes not being represented in the alsa
state files and he beleives it is a "simple fix" when he can be
divereted from GTA02 work.

My recommendation is that users do NOT upgrade to the 12 March 2008
image for daily use. I did not review the 28 Feb 2008 image, but I've
been told that that image is thus far the most stable. The one I've
personally reviewed is the 20 Feb 2008 image.

The full list of reviews can be found at
http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Category:SnapshotReview and today's full
review can be found at

-Kevin Dean

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