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clare u5618 at
Sat Mar 15 06:59:01 CET 2008

On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, Andy Powell wrote:

> On Friday 14 March 2008 14:58, Kevin Dean wrote:
>> The most stable snapshots are the 28 Feb 2008 images. No nightly image
>> has had sound since then.
> Have you tested my images?
> particularly the most recent image
> Andy
Andy I did try it briefly, using an SD boot from that old file of yours
u-boot-good-for-sd-boot-r13_0_2632_0.bin  It seems to have gone from
your site. luckily I kept a copy.

(I tried a FIC replacement which seemed to require an entirely different
way of populating the SD card, and I failed with that.)

With your latest rootfs:
   it rang my motorola, connected but with a numbered error, the call was
   try in the other directions
   it tried for a long time no result
The use of an old u-boot may affect it, It did affect "underground"
quite strangely, changed the phone but helped the GPS.

I gave up but I have a lot I want to say:
I think those few who supplied their own builds were really helpful, and
the FIC daily snapshots are like that dance - 1 step forward and 2 back.

this is the one I like best:
I think it must be one of the last before they went berserk trying to
mix GTA01 and GTA02? Not only does it have a perfectly good terminal and
keyboard, with a keyboard icon in the top row, but it  makes calls in both 
directions which ring at the other end and carry conversation voices in
both directions and hang up successfully.

And today there was a mail from "Mark" 2 pages of criticism of
the present situation. THis was NO Troll. Rather a cry from the heart.
Capable users who make and publish slightly different versions may
really help, especially if they dont attempt "daily" but put up something
usable once a week or two. THen  the time for others to review them would 
be better spent.

   I had only one objection to Mark's comments - I really like the hole in 
the case. I can securely tie the phone to myself, first phone ever with
that feature.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel,  see mail from
Johannes Schauer yesterday to "community".
It is about "underground" which is very new, and looks entirely different.
It is still very simple so needs no help files.
It shows that the "official" appearance is not the only possibility and
I eagerly await other approaches.

THe other variation which is good is Qtopia, as lots of people know, and 
it has help built in. I am really tired of trying snapshots based on
icons which dont identify themselves. Once upon a time a user from Eastern 
Europe (?) made a version in which every icon popped up a balloon saying what 
it did. Would that be hard to add back in?

With thanks to you all

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