Daily Snapshot Review 14 March 2008

John Lee john_lee at openmoko.com
Mon Mar 17 04:59:14 CET 2008

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 11:04:01AM -0400, Kevin Dean wrote:
> Early review today, thanks to a bout of heartburn and insomnia. :P
> Sadly, I spoke too soon. Despite the fact that changes were merged
> yesterday, those changes do not reflect in today's images. :( This
> means once again there is no working sound on the nightly image.
> I notice no real difference between today's image and yesterday's in
> performance or usability with the exception, Thomas Wood's "Show
> numbers on contact list" patch ha been merged in, meaning the contacts
> list is a bit easier (IMO) to navigate and use.
> This also raises the question, howvever, to why the audio patches
> (merged about 48 hours ago) aren't affective yet, but that patch
> (merged about 20 hours ago) is. I'll contact someone on the build team
> to see if there's an issu.

Thanks for the head up, Kevin.  My reply is on distro-devel list.


> My recommendation is to NOT use this image for daily use. Instead, I
> would recommend the 28 Feb 2008 snapshots found at
> http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily/neo1973/deploy/glibc/images/neo1973/
> -Kevin Dean

I just checked the log and it seems the audio state files XorA
mentioned and the bluetooth typo were both in.


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