GSM losing a network each 20-30 second

George Eliozov nerozero at
Mon Mar 17 16:37:31 CET 2008

It does not help :) Even with terminal commands, Powering and unpowering,
GSM modem absolutely not responding. Yesterday I did flash my neo with
QTopia image/kernel
( and it
works almost fine! :) But on battery time is only 5-7 hours (Not
suspending)... If suspend mode enabled, to re-enable GSM after resume I have
to restart neo, no other action can back GSM to work. 

Also when I standing far away from GSM antenna - accumulator (or something
else) become worm, I can sense it even by touching LCD or Neo back cover! Is
it normal ? :) 

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Hi George,

Thanks a lot for providing the network information with us. :) If you'd 
like to re-register to GSM network, you may either from GUI or terminal 
command as below:

1. GUI: click the GSM signal antenna indicator from main screen, choose 
Power-Up GSM antenna, and then choose Power-Down GSM antenna.

2. terminal:
 > src/util/libgsmd-tool -m shell
 > o
 > O


George Eliozov wrote:
> Yes I can, I live in Tbilisi, Georgia (Former Soviet Union), my mobile
> service provider is Geocell. About one week ago, as well I receive Neo I
> inside my old SIM card, and I have that problem with reconnecting to GSM
> network. First of all I thought that might be a problem of SIM card, and
> days ago I did change my old card with new one (with same number), but
> problem did not solved. Also I notice that in the evening hours (after
> 10..11 PM) device working quite stable. Maybe it because of a lot of
> connections to a GSM station.
> 	Also I want to try other provider SIM cards.
> If you need some extra information - please feel free to ask me and I will
> try to do all in my power ;) 
> And I want ask again, what about restoring GSM modem functionality after
> hanging, is it possible to do it without restarting whole device? (Power
> Off/On does not help)
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> George, can you tell me what kind of SIM card are you using? Did it come 
> with a phone or some other way, like pre-paid? Also, where are you
> This might help us figure out if it's the same problem.
> Thanks,
> Michael
> George Eliozov wrote:
>> Very sad, but now I know how to view gsmd status, thanks!
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>> This sounds like
>> gsm modem oscillating between registrated / not-registrated
>> Wolfgang
>> On Mar 14, 2008, at 8:04 PM, George Eliozov wrote:
>>> Approximately each 30 second GSM modem losing a network and trying to
>>> reconnect again.
>>> Even if GSM is connected to network, almost 80% of all calls fails.  
>>> The
>>> reason - "The phone is turned off or not in coverage area at the  
>>> moment".
>>> Immediately after that kind of calls neo trying to reconnect, but not
>>> always.
>>> Sometimes modem is stop responding at all, if I try to dial a  
>>> number, device
>>> shows the dialing progress, but no actually connected. How to re- 
>>> enable GSM
>>> modem or view the reason of that kind of problems?
>>> Where can I found a log or how can I view some debug information on  
>>> Neo1973?
>>> Flash: 2008.02.28
>>> Thanks.
>>> _____________

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