Daily Snapshot Review 18 March 2008

Jose Luis Perez Diez jluis at escomposlinux.org
Wed Mar 19 16:12:56 CET 2008

El Tuesday, 18 de March de 2008 19:27:10 Kevin Dean va escriure:
> Because of these things, my review looks odd, giving call quality a
> "good" and then rating "no audio" on other parts. One noticable
> difference for me was that the loading icon (the circle with nib) is

Hi Kevin,

I think that the latest daily images came with  
pulseaudio-module-hal-detect, pulseaudio-module-volume-restore ,and
pulseaudio-module-detect installed. 

I haven't got any rootfs images since 2008-03-13 but I do a daily upgrade.

Your message make me investigate today an I found:

/dev/dsp is in use (fuser fails to report it)

speaker-test fails

pulseaudio is running (I'll try to look at syslog it after Easter). 

killall pulseaudio

speaker-test works.

Starting pulseaudio manually from ssh (this is from memory, I'm used to fail 
and forget to log in the SD ) :
pulseaudio -- --no-cpu-limit --resample-method=trivial  -nF /etc/pulse/session -v -C --log-level=debug

croaks that dome modules were missing and I don't get any sound from it's 

I installed them  the packages names are pulseaudio-<missing module>

Once pulseaudio was restarted  I got sound.

I have the a daily.conf in /etc/ipkg/ as:

src/gz daily-all \
src/gz daily-armv4t \
src/gz daily-fic-gta01 \
src/gz daily-neo1973 \

The comand to install the missing modules was
ipkg install pulseaudio-module-hal-detect \
pulseaudio-module-volume-restore \

I hope this helps. I will be offline until the 25th.

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