Announce nightly build and source code packages

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Dec 27 21:00:10 CET 2007

[ Cc: trimmed to distro-devel ]

John Lee wrote:
> The nightly build is automatic now and could be found under

Looks great, thanks !

Could I perhaps get you interested in making the following additions ?

- put the main results of each build in a separate directory, so that
  also historical builds are available. That way, people could just
  refer to a "known good" version. (Might use a ton of disk space,

- provide also u-boot images

- provide a devirginator configuration file, similar to how
  does it.

I did a few snapshot builds of that sort some months ago. The host has
changed roles since, and they're now here:

The basic idea is that one could point the devirginator to a single
config file, instead of having to edit all the version strings
manually each time. (And get them wrong every so often.)

- Werner

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