OpenEmbedded Integration Plan

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Wed Jun 20 05:47:05 CEST 2007


we have been some time with our OpenEmbedded overlay
-- which was a good thing to reduce the amount of variables,
while the Neo hardware and the OpenMoko distribution was developing.

Now that both are gaining stability, the time has come
to move forward. It has always been the plan to keep the OpenMoko
Linux Distribution very close to the OpenEmbedded mainline, so we
came up with the following plan of action:

Over the next two weeks, we will merge the current overlay back into, doing the necessary adjustments to catch up.
(Directories in the overlay that are already merged, have a 'oe-sync'
stamp, please remove if you are doing changes to the overlay without doing
this in OE... which you shouldn't, however it may occur once and then).

After everything has been merged, we will do some more testing and at some
point of time, branch off org.openembedded.openmoko.


Best Regards,

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer | FreeLancer |

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