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Sun Mar 4 19:05:54 CET 2007

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Matthias Hentges schreef:
> Am Donnerstag, den 01.03.2007, 15:58 +0100 schrieb Koen Kooi:
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>> Hi,
>> A quick inspection shows that openmoko userspace in OE contains more recipes and bugfixes
>> than the userspace in trunk/oe. This morning I noticed that the gsm panel plugin has been
>> converted to mb-panel-2, so packaging will need to be adjusted.
> [...]
>> That only leaves the decision wether to lock down to the working revision for p0 and p1.
>> My gut feeling is that p0 doesn't need a locked down revision, since a lot of bugs will
>> get uncovered and fixed. For p1 I'm not sure what to advice, but p2 will need a snapshot
>> or branch for sure. Keep in mind that maintaining a branch is almost a full-time job if
>> you want to do it right.
>> What are the plans, and how can the community help with carrying those out?
> I do hope that OM will go the stable-branch way. We all know and accept
> that .dev is a fast-moving target. I believe it is almost impossible to
> create a high-quality stable image and feed from it.
> Also a stable branch frees up developer-time as devs no longer need to
> worry about .dev's bug-of-day caused by $random-commit.

Or, as it is now, wasting developer time because the 'branch' (in this case the svn
overlay) is broken. Using a snapshot or branch doesn't necessarily decrease developer
time, it just moves it to other areas. I agree with the fact that phase 1 will need a
branch, but it isn't the magical time-saving bullet.


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