Thoughts on current OE gta01/gta02 integration, kernel, uboot

Graeme Gregory graeme at
Thu Oct 4 11:13:42 CEST 2007

Harald Welte wrote:
> O
> yes and no.  It is openmoko specific, I'd say.  We will most definitely have
> more devices that share the same UI and thus the same patches.  So it
> should be either openmoko-distribution specific, or specific to the
> "neo1973" device class.   I don't know how to implement such a device
> class notion (with _neo1973.ipk packages) in OE, though.
This should be quite easy, but Ill have to discuss with mickey and other
OE devs so we get this right hopefully first time. Making it openmoko
specific is the easiest. But I like the idea of devices classes with sub 
> Ah yes, I just verified that, sorry.  So the idea is to manually test and then
> bump the revision after new commits go in?
Yes that is current OE policy. You can edit openmoko.conf to enable 
autorev (with a bitbake patch) which will always use the latest SVN for 
most stuff. Thomas is currently running like this.

I plan when I get build machine setup to rung autorev and normal build 
in parrallel so its quick and easy to bump svn revs.


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