Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (6)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Wed Apr 2 20:33:47 CEST 2008


I think we are finally at a point where we can start testing and turn it into 
a polished product.

Where are we now:
	- We can create complete images (with Qtopia, Illume, the softkeyboard)
	- Qtopia and e get launched, and e starts with the illume profile/theme
	- Qtopia will ask for your SIM PIN (if you live in the paranoid europe and 
	  have one, cultural differences are funny, I love that)
	- You can launch the Callnetwork application to see your network registration
	- You can dial numbers, send SMS (I didn't verify the reception..., waiting 
	  for my 2nd SIM card), see the contacts from your sim card in the 

What needs polishing:
	- Illume greats you with empty white boxes, we need something to put there
	- The volume of the phone call is really low...
	- The dialer experience is improvable (e.g. if it is busy, the dialer 
	  disappears, at least I want to dial that number again). Seriously. Dialing
	  and receiving phone calls is a must. The flow must be perfect. Dial a 
	  number, getting asked to answer the phone, seeing missed calls, dialing
	  missed numbers... this needs to be tested and polished

What is untested:
	- Sending SMS, Receiving them
	- Headset stuff (I need to get one or find the one from the gta01)
	- Suspend/Resume
	- The receiving of phone calls, flow, a good flow

What is really broken:
	- Sound volume :)
	- Xglamo sometimes get upset by Qtopia/E and is doing funky stuff (bug 
	   reported, but it is difficult to track, e excercises X in a special and 
	   different way)
	- jittering of the touchscreen, makes it hard to launch apps
	- No Signal and network indication in illume (flight mode? signal strength)
	- Suspend, Screenlock, and again incoming call and screenlock handling :)
	  (I think we will need to give raster a hand or two, to do most of this and 
	   leave polishing, the final say, etc. to him, there are a lot small things 
	   that we need to do right for something in product shape)
	- I see #1024 as well, and I think it is bad :)

What I'm going to work on this/next week:
	- Suspend/Resume (I pushed some changes that should put the modem into a good
	  state for suspend, needs verification)
	- Taking a look at jittering. The results of Shorogan (Daniel Luebbe) last 
	  summer didn't look too promising.
	- misc Qtopia bugs.

comments, feedback.


PS: I will upload a image once I've access (we work on that)
PPS: You can build it yourself with openmoko-qtopia-x11-image, for the full 
pleasure you need the org.openmoko.zecke.april-update branch

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