Integration of enlazar and NM into the Openmoko build

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Sun Apr 6 17:11:45 CEST 2008


I have spended quite some time on the integration of NetworkManager
and it's dependencies into the Openmoko build. Still I should
concentrate more on the coding itself to meet deadlines.

So I request some help from the tools team for the integration work. I
already talked to Graeme and he seems to be ok with this. Still the
decision about his time is yours.

For what do I need help:

o Newer NM daemon (3202) [done, see patch on this ml]
o libnl-1.0-pre8 as dep for NM [done, see patch on this ml]
o wpa_supplicant with enabled dbus. Poky seems to have 0.5.8 with dbus
o newer e_dbus with a patch for e_nm that is to ugly for upstream.
  [recipe ready on my disk, patch ready and uploaded, will send it later
o Recipe for enlazar. [Ready on my disk, will send it later today]

So the biggest problems are a dbus enabled wpa_supplicant as build

During runtime I see the problem that NM only detects the USBNet
network, ut not the wifi card. HAL does not detect it.

John, would it be possible for you or Graeme to look into this?

Stefan Schmidt
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