Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (6)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Thu Apr 10 03:48:50 CEST 2008


this attempts to be an delta to the last week.

What new stuff did I do:
	- Many Qtopia cleanups, removing cruft, disabling broken code,
	  fixing funny race conditions and assumptions on time, their
	  execution order and completion time. Started to play with valgrind
	  and fixed what it reported, fixed a bug I introduced myself because
	  I didn't understand the intention of the code
	- Disabled ALSA 'toying' code for the X11 build, we can not set the volume
	  from Qtopia. Relative volume settings were broken, the other code broken
	  by design. I will reenable it once I can work on the sound scenario API
	- I got a 2nd SIM card and started intensive testing of calls, reciving, 
	  dropping, them.
	- Made the GStreamer media-engine compile for X11, the video 'sink' is
	  really basic and as the commit message says we don't even care. With
	  Qt4.4 this issue is solved anyway with phonon, so I did not waste any
	  time here. We want the GStreamer media-engine to play ringtones, and
	  e.g. use the pulseaudio sink of GStreamer.
	- Did some OpenEmbedded work as well, integrated Stefan's network manager 
	  stuff fixed some bugs on top of that.
	- Some fun on the kernel side of things to not get too annoyed by Qtopia
	- Filed Qtopia bugs upstream. The publics ones are the following and
	  can be viewed using their task tracker interface: 206107, 206094, 206089, 
	  206080, 206078, 206073, 206071, 206069, 206064, 206062, 206059,
	  206052. The severity of the bugsis different. Some are purely cosmetic
	  (I sincerly believe ugly code does not work), some interesting issues
	  on X11, valgrind errors, bad coding standard (assuming stuff...)

What did others do (related to my work):
	- Enlazar added to OE by Stefan
	- Raster has been hacking on his keyboard, he seems to be happy with
	  approach he has taken.
	- Made unaligned memory access in efreet_mime go away, I updated gdb
	  to gdb 6.8 on this way.
	- Dodji has been fighting the command queue of glamo and we now have
	  an EXA enabled xserver going?
	- Graeme started the ugly work on the Qtopia recipe. Keep going mate!

Now really on to the delta...

Unchanged, slightly progressed:
	- Headset stuff is untested, a headset is on my way. We need alsa state
	  files for that as well
	- Suspend/Resume, fixed one bug in Qtopia, the TI/Calypso should now be
	  in a good state for suspend, so we will only wakeup from call + sms
	  *fingers crossed*
	- Jittering of the touchscreen, didn't do anything yet.
	- Illume/E gadget for Signal Strength, nothing done yet
	- Suspend/Resume/Screenlock from e, well, we need to do our homework here,
	  but there is nothing critical there (Qtopia is prepared).
	- Sound volume: The Qtopia mediaplayer can play music using GStreamer,
	  the state file I have for gsmhandset is wrong, I need to verify that I		
	  really have the gold one.
	- Phone handling: I'm testing. I probably hit timing bugs in the Qtopia code, 
	  sometimes a call gets reported as missed twice, or it is showing missed, 
	  than the incoming call again.. this needs more debbuging and testing
	  on the device... this is a timing issue.
	- The vibrator can be controlled from Qtopia, ringtones don't work yet.



PS: The Qtopia code is on git.openmoko.org, the OE changes either in
      org.openmoko.dev or still in my org.openmoko.zecke.april-update branch

Something new this week, a git-shortlog of changes in my Qtopia tree

git-shortlog 05ba2206b08819dfb7c2d54c26c7c08c1602c9cb..
Holger Freyther (32):
      fic/gta/neo1973: Cleanup backlight handling. Unify code, removed commented code
      fic/gta/illume: Never ever set the backlight. This is not our domain
      fic/gta/audio: Cleanup the code
      fic/gta: Clean up messy code, use the linux/input.h do not use magic values
      fic/gta: Kill dead code copy and pasted from the greenphone
      fic/gta: Open Linux input events by physical address, use that for the keyboard
      fic/gta: Implement by opening the device by name
      fic/gta: Implement open by input_id
      Add a manual test for the 'sleepy' TI/Calypso.
      fic/gta/apm/suspend/resume: Alwas start the APM Bios observer
      Rsync snapshot as of 4th of April 2008
      fic/gta: No use to disable the amp on suspend, this needs to be done by the kernel
      fic/gta/alsa: Make the bad looking code consistent...
      fic/gta: Assuming that the state is missed is wrong... check for the state
      fic/gta: Disable the ALSA code as it is broken by design
      fic/gta: Acknowledge that the compiler is right and that leftright is not initialized
      fic/gta: Obviously a wrong include
      fic/gta: Be more verbose, tell if the vibrate is on or off
      fic/gta: Fix the path to the vibrator device
      x11: Dummy video widget to link the gstreamer backend to be able to play ringtones
      fic/gta: We can use gstreamer now, use that
      Merge branch 'rsync-version'
      Fix some of the broken design of the DelayedWaitDialog
      fic/gta: Don't assume when this operation is done but suspend when it is done
      Revert "fic/gta: Assuming that the state is missed is wrong... check for the state"
      x11: Mark the CallScreen as Qtopia widget to get the soft menu
      valgrind: mType is not initialized. the QCallList::Type enum lacks an uninitialized value..
      valgrind: Calling deregisterCall after QModemCall is gone is evil
      valgrind: Initialize callState...
      fix possible crash, inconsistent record handling
      [phone] Add a way to get back to the callscreen if it was left.
      [phone] The wait dialog is doing more harm than aynthing else => remove

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