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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 02:48:03PM +0100, Andy Green wrote:
|> What I do think to myself is: this is not an "embedded device".  This is
|> a PC of a few years ago and the packageset complexity shows it.  And we
|> barely got started with userspace packages we will offer.  Yet somehow
|> we use an "embedded" chain whose natural output is a rootfs.  The
|> package system is not comparable to .deb or RPM, I mention again the
|> - -devel issue.
| Hmm, you must be confused, to turn an ipk into a deb mv blah.ipk blah.deb
| and to turn a deb into an ipk mv blah.deb blah.ipk.

Why ain't we just calling the .debs?

| So where is the package system deficient?
| Or do you mean we dont generate the right packages, well we do make
| -dev packages and people use them for on device development.

OK, I need to build DM2 against tslib.  I don't want to recook tslib
(but that is how it is done by Willie and Miles right now, they ain't
using bitbake either).

If I build this on Fedora (same on Ubuntu), I just do:

# yum install tslib tslib-devel

then when I do ./configure for DM2, it is going to pick up the tslib
header files, and when I make it is going to link against tslib and I am

I wrote a cross build system myself based around rpm, which I have to do
there is like

rpm -i --root=/path/to/target/root tslib.blah tslib-devel.blah

and then I make gcc go look at /path/to/target/root for all system
include and libs.  It's equally simple.

Say I installed the cross compilers down /usr/local/openmoko... what is
the process in OE to do the same?

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