Openmoko build infrastructure questions

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Apr 16 16:28:38 CEST 2008

Richard Purdie wrote:
> OE *is* a build system and an integration tool too.

Yeah, I noticed that you use "build system" for OE, sorry :-)

Okay, how about "build tool" for "make" and its functional
equivalents ?

I think we agree that OE isn't what you want to do development. Yet
several people in Openmoko seem to be using "bitbake" as a synonym
for "make" for things they recompile all the time. I'm not sure why.
Either they misunderstood, or perhaps someone felt a bit too
enthusiastic about OE and led them in the wrong direction.

It's probably also not what you want to have to use to just install
package foo. Instead, you'd expect the distribution maker (for whom
using OE is a good idea) to provide something for you that you can
readily install.

By the way, I find John Lee's toolchain quite handy and hassle-free
for almost all my development work. (For the rest, I just wait until
I can pick it up from the daily build.) Doesn't have tslib, though,
so no luck for Andy :-(

- Werner

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