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Wed Apr 16 17:01:18 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Wednesday 16 April 2008 15:48:03 Andy Green wrote:
|> It has one drawback, speed.  What are the other drawbacks?
| 	- qemu breaks when upgrading your kernel, glibc :)


# yum update

(or equivalent in $DISTRO) that updated the kernel or glibc will pull in
an updated qemu and so there is no breakage.

| 	- qemu can not emulate the same CPU/InstructionSet  as your target due
| legal 'issues' (IPR)
| 	- IIRC debian disabled buildd's due issues with qemu (more than the
| philosophy)

I googled around about these, I didn't see about it on the Wikipedia
entry or another link about ARM-specific QEMU from there.

Anyway, nobody from Intel said they will do it by Qemu AFAIK.  Since
they don't do cross for their existing supported Intel platform, I guess
they might try to sidestep it and imagine them saying "compile in Qemu"
- -- it can be wildly impractical and they port it as cross.  hehe maybe
Intel decide to port it to ARM using OE, lol.

The question is more, stick with OE or move to a traditional distro.

|> What I want to do is link against official tslib.  Can I download a
|> tslib-devel package for that like I can in Fedora or Ubuntu?  I don't
|> think so.
|> What about -devel packages so I can build against official tslib?  I can
|> do this on a normal distro and we wouldn't need to suffer my ravings and
|> horrified groans.
| Sure,
| (and the content even looks sane, I'm sure there are broken packages
too, but
| they will be less)
| so it is a matter of someone providing these packages for the Openmoko
| OpenEmbedded based distribution?

So what is the process to install this -dev on my Fedora host and build
against it, assuming I have John Lee's canned compilers, which I do?

- -Andy
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