Openmoko build infrastructure questions

Holger Freyther zecke at
Wed Apr 16 17:25:39 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 16 April 2008 17:01:18 Andy Green wrote:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> | 	- qemu breaks when upgrading your kernel, glibc :)
> The
> # yum update
> (or equivalent in $DISTRO) that updated the kernel or glibc will pull in
> an updated qemu and so there is no breakage.

Hehe, unless you get Ubuntu from Canonical and a fixed/changed qemu from 
Nokia. This is also why I know it is near impossible to rebuild the 
qemu/scratchbox stuff, I tried, and I know how to compile stuff. :)

> | 	- qemu can not emulate the same CPU/InstructionSet  as your target due
> | legal 'issues' (IPR)
> | 	- IIRC debian disabled buildd's due issues with qemu (more than the
> | philosophy)
> I googled around about these, I didn't see about it on the Wikipedia
> entry or another link about ARM-specific QEMU from there.

I mostly watched this on back then. I think this blog kicked it of. And even there he is talking 
about strange failures. Uploads by his buildd were disabled shortly 
afterwards. :)

> Anyway, nobody from Intel said they will do it by Qemu AFAIK.  Since
> they don't do cross for their existing supported Intel platform, I guess
> they might try to sidestep it and imagine them saying "compile in Qemu"
> -- it can be wildly impractical and they port it as cross.  hehe maybe
> Intel decide to port it to ARM using OE, lol.
> The question is more, stick with OE or move to a traditional distro.

Yes, I have been looking at emdebian the last eight years(?) and I agree that 
our devices get more storage and power that his question has to be evaluated 
over and over again.

Personally I think distro's are not there yet. One still need machine 
dependant packages, you still want to rebuild your distribution with other 
compiler flags easily.

> |> What I want to do is link against official tslib.  Can I download a
> |> tslib-devel package for that like I can in Fedora or Ubuntu?  I don't
> |> think so.
> |>
> |> What about -devel packages so I can build against official tslib?  I can
> |> do this on a normal distro and we wouldn't need to suffer my ravings and
> |> horrified groans.
> |
> | Sure,
> |
> |
> |
> | (and the content even looks sane, I'm sure there are broken packages
> too, but
> | they will be less)
> |
> | so it is a matter of someone providing these packages for the Openmoko
> | OpenEmbedded based distribution?
> So what is the process to install this -dev on my Fedora host and build
> against it, assuming I have John Lee's canned compilers, which I do?

Today is the first time I have heard about John's stuff. I see how this is a 
bit under developed. It looks like you need to get opkg/ipkg or dpkg.

a) We have a feed with Openmoko packages, including the dev ones (if not this 
is something I could take care of):
	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config update
	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -destroot my/dest/root install libts-dev

b) get the Angstrom libts1 and the libts-dev (using the package browser I 
showed you with the above link)
	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -force-depends -destroot my/dest install 
	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -force-depends -destroot my/dest install 

I think I will take care of a) if no one else is stepping up.


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