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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Wednesday 16 April 2008 15:48:03 Andy Green wrote:
|> The mainstream distros spent many years tackling the "being a distro"
|> side of things and ended up with two strong mature ways to do it that
|> are more or less identical in functionality.  OE it seems to me spent a
|> lot off effort "doing cross", which is a great achievement, and less on
|> these thorny packaging issues.
| No, OE also spent a lot of effort in packaging, think granularity, proper
| (automatic) dependencies, automatic regression testing, etc.
| It will take a lot of man-months to recreate this for any stock distro
- -- not
| mentioning that you will have to fight against distro maintainers who
| want that since they see no value in this.

I think you'll find the major distros have super clean packagesets and
good subpackaging granularity.  Fedora for also has automated reports
about unfulfillable dependencies in repos and so on.  Hah they even
wrote a script to check the license field in the package against LICENSE
files and readmes in the contents.

|> Going on our devices inside will over time get more like PCs in
|> complexity, storage and capability, not less (this is independent of how
|> non-PC-like the form factors may sometimes be).  If we just said "screw
|> it" and jumped on Ubuntu or Fedora native-compiled on Qemu, pain from
|> that will only lessen over time, not increase.
| I sincerely doubt that and I will not support such a decision, if
| choses to move into that direction.

Fair enough... if I had invested brainspace in OE I also would be
unhappy to see a proposal about it going away, despite I might also
wonder to myself about why it was this particular "Linux PC" should NOT
have a regular distro, and why OE has not displaced regular distros if
it is superior, what's for tea, etc.

- -Andy
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