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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Wednesday 16 April 2008 17:01:18 Andy Green wrote:
|> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
|> | 	- qemu breaks when upgrading your kernel, glibc :)
|> The
|> # yum update
|> (or equivalent in $DISTRO) that updated the kernel or glibc will pull in
|> an updated qemu and so there is no breakage.
| Hehe, unless you get Ubuntu from Canonical and a fixed/changed qemu from
| Nokia. This is also why I know it is near impossible to rebuild the
| qemu/scratchbox stuff, I tried, and I know how to compile stuff. :)

Well.. OK... but we can say it is not "the normal case" :-)  Everyone
else will use distro Qemu and not experience this issue.

|> | 	- qemu can not emulate the same CPU/InstructionSet  as your target due
|> | legal 'issues' (IPR)
|> | 	- IIRC debian disabled buildd's due issues with qemu (more than the
|> | philosophy)
|> I googled around about these, I didn't see about it on the Wikipedia
|> entry or another link about ARM-specific QEMU from there.
| I mostly watched this on back then. I think this blog
| kicked it of. And even there he is talking
| about strange failures. Uploads by his buildd were disabled shortly
| afterwards. :)

Yeah I saw on the lists today people complain about segfaults in Qemu.
I just assume it works and this is an issue with libs in the image or
whatever, but maybe it sucks, dunno.

| Yes, I have been looking at emdebian the last eight years(?) and I
agree that
| our devices get more storage and power that his question has to be
| over and over again.

Good, because it gets lonely out here.

| Personally I think distro's are not there yet. One still need machine
| dependant packages, you still want to rebuild your distribution with
| compiler flags easily.

Yeah.  In Fedora, they push the flags into rpm macro scripts in
/usr/share IIRC but you can override them with ~/.rpmmacros.  All of the
spec files are not carrying their own flags, but using $DISTRO_CFLAGS or
whatever it is in the "cascading rpm macro sheets" as it were.

No I agree they are not there yet for cross.  But I repeat, mistake to
think of this platform as embedded.  This is a weak-ish PC.

Considering the major distro bloat issue can be controlled by having a
*\ Mobile subdistro, if they can be compiled in native emulation, they
might actually be in the right ballpark already.

|> So what is the process to install this -dev on my Fedora host and build
|> against it, assuming I have John Lee's canned compilers, which I do?
| Today is the first time I have heard about John's stuff. I see how
this is a
| bit under developed. It looks like you need to get opkg/ipkg or dpkg.

Yeah it is underdeveloped dealing with -dev.  It just has canned include
and libs.  I seriously fear for my sanity vs pkgconfig if I start
copying things into the dirs used by it.  But still when I arrived here
just before John's toolchain came out, we didn't even have this to build
anything with.  It's a big advantage even as it is, despite it doesn't
"close the circle".

| a) We have a feed with Openmoko packages, including the dev ones (if
not this
| is something I could take care of):
| 	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config update
| 	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -destroot my/dest/root install libts-dev
| b) get the Angstrom libts1 and the libts-dev (using the package browser I
| showed you with the above link)
| 	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -force-depends -destroot my/dest install
| libts...ipk
| 	opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -force-depends -destroot my/dest install
| libts-dev...ipk

I didn't understand any of it, not your fault but eg I don't have
opkg-cl on my host machine AFAIK.  Now what.  I remind myself when I
start to feel like an idiot dealing with this: this is our greeting to
ALL new developers who just want to build a package with libs.

I see people start mentioning poky now like it solves something, I am
happy to spark some kind of solution for this general casual build
crisis, maybe I can even make Wolfgang happy this week at this rate.

- -Andy
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