Openmoko build infrastructure questions

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Wed Apr 16 18:42:25 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Taking someone elses build system after you already have one is just
> | useless pain in your butt.
> | I would rather learn the craziest build system and make it better than
> | making any drastic switch.
> Wah I never saw this effect before.  I think there must be words after
> "Taking someone elses build system" but my brain refuses to process it,
> it shows black and yellow stripes in that region with a message "DANGER
> your brain will explode from the madness if you read this".

True. :)
But i imagine that all critics on the current situation is just the same 
Build system are always complex and constantly a needless pain if you 
did not use them for years of even designed them yourself.

> | Source rpm stink. debian source packages more. (as i said earlier. Every
> | build system sucks)
> SRPMs are great and I am sure Debian source packages the same.  If you
> actually have to ship binaries for GPL code, SRPM that guarantees to
> capture all sources and build scripts in one file is a beautiful sight.
> ~ Doesn't matter they are hard to work with, your license issue is solved.

Come on. That is a non-issue. This has nothing to do how good srpm does 
a job or how much fun it is to use it.

It guarantees just nothing. You could throw non compliant code in a srpm 
as much as you could commit it in the source dir of any bitbake package.

Throwing it all into one file actually makes all versioning tools 
useless. Have you ever looked into a srpm and tried to understand how 
this heap of crap you are looking at has evolved?
Especially when the culprit was redhat. They must be crazy at rethat! 
Thousands of patches, arbitrary versions and no explanations for anything.
Ok, this is not so much a fault of srpm, but they do nothing to make it 
better. In fact suse makes this much better, and they use srpm too.
But i rather have version control to browse the source and the recipes. 
(Although i would not have voted for monotone...)

As i said. I never worked with bb. But the .bb files look very very 
pleasing and nice. And as i understood flexible enough to do crazy 
scripting hacks. (Which you will need occasionally...)

Well there we are. Editor wars forgotten. Buildenvironments wars opened. :)
As i said. They stink all if you use them.
And the neighbours potatoes are always bigger than yours.


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