Openmoko build infrastructure questions

Holger Freyther zecke at
Wed Apr 16 21:20:01 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 16 April 2008 18:32:12 Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> Dnia Wednesday 16 of April 2008, Andy Green napisał:
> > Dnia Wednesday 16 of April 2008, Holger Freyther napisał:
> > | a) We have a feed with Openmoko packages, including the dev ones (if
> > | not this is something I could take care of):
> > |       opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config update
> > |       opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -destroot my/dest/root install
> > | libts-dev
> > |
> > | b) get the Angstrom libts1 and the libts-dev (using the package
> > | browser I showed you with the above link)
> > |       opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -force-depends -destroot my/dest
> > | install libts...ipk
> > |       opkg-cl -conf my-opkg-config -force-depends -destroot my/dest
> > | install libts-dev...ipk
> >
> > I didn't understand any of it, not your fault but eg I don't have
> > opkg-cl on my host machine AFAIK.  Now what.  I remind myself when I
> > start to feel like an idiot dealing with this: this is our greeting to
> > ALL new developers who just want to build a package with libs.

Andy: Yeah, I assume we at Openmoko have not done much in regard to this. I 
don't know if we have talked about SDKs and developing environments at all. 
o-hand has obviously more brainpower into the thinking of a development than 
we have. So we will have to pick their work and provide the same (see 
Richard's and Marcin's mail) for Openmoko. Maybe even going as far as ripping 
their Anjuta stuff including remote debugging of applications.

I, if no one else steps up, would add the merging of meta-toolchain 
improvements from Poky to my list and make sure that we (as in Openmoko) 
provide the packages for that.

> >
> > I see people start mentioning poky now like it solves something, I am
> > happy to spark some kind of solution for this general casual build
> > crisis, maybe I can even make Wolfgang happy this week at this rate.
> Speaking about Zecke way and Poky way. This is how it works in Poky:
> 1. fetch Poky SDK
> 2. cd /; tar xf PokySDK.tar.bz2
> 3. "source /usr/local/poky/eabi-glibc/arm/environment-setup"
> 4. "opkg-target update" - by default it use local build feed so need to
>     point it to remote feeds first.
> 5. "opkg-target install libts-dev" will install development headers/libs
>     for tslib and all it's dependencies.
> 6. build you application - you have cross toolchain, all libraries you
>    need etc.

Hehe, 'my way' was more like: I know this can be done how would I do this.

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