Openmoko build infrastructure questions

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Wed Apr 16 22:31:13 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Intel made an offer to provide a port for Openmoko of Moblin / Ubuntu
|> mobile AIUI.  With their resources we can believe it will work out, we
|> would have input into how we want it to work out.
|> So there are ways forward from where we are today and we are not locked
|> in past the short term, we should seriously consider what it will cost
|> us in delay and staffing the "re-education camps" and what it can gain
|> us in a larger developerbase that is ready to hit the ground running.
| Good good. I think it's incredibly wrong to spread out resources for
| especially at this time where we have so many other things to do
| software-wise, but of course I wish you great success in that undertaking.

I think it's incredibly wrong to have my and other incoming dev
resources "spread out" trying to figure out OE build system, and I have
a few other things to do too.

Still, maybe you're right and Intel offering to port a distro for us
isn't worthy of our consideration and we should just dig our heels in.

- -Andy
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