Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (7)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Thu Apr 17 02:40:46 CEST 2008


this is a rather short summary, as it is 2 am already and my University has 
started again....

What was done (and is buildable by anyone):
	- Work on the predictive keyboard continued, looking good so far

	- We fetch our alsa state files from svn now. For the first time a stock 
image has gsmhandset.state that allows you to hear anything. It is not too 
pleasant on the other side though.

	- Bugfixing in Qtopia, sending patches, getting feedback, improving stuff, 
such as marking some more Qtopia widgets as Qtopia widgets to make illume 
aware of them

	- Testing calling, receiving them... Sending busy can still upset the phone 

	- Fixed some races, memleaks... filed bugs

	- Just fixed ringtones...

Integration left (not much new):
	- Softmenu is not always updated. Needs investigation (NEW)
	- Confusing the Qtopia phone library with input due hangup.
	- Implement the matchbox input method hint to make the keyboard popup (NEW)
	- Signal strength, triggering of the PIN dialog (probably raster)
	- Touchscreen jittering work (me)
	- Suspend/Resume, blanking screen (probably raster)
	- Fixing state files (someone volunteers?)
	- Polishing, Polishing, Polishing (install default ringtones, pulseaudio, gst 
plugin for wav, try to make Qt's resize widgets only once on start) (graeme, 
me, john)
	- Xglamo work :)

What is left to make the neo my primary phone:
	- alsa state files that don't make the people want to hang up. :)

I think an internal alpha is due today/tomorrow, I await your feedback. We are 
almost feature complete, so issues, polishing issues, etc. are appreciated.


PS: Copy your favorite mp3/ogg to /Documents/ and Qtopia will pick it up after 
a restart and you can use it as ringtone.

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