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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 07:12:38AM +0100, Andy Green wrote:
|> Not at all.  I read each eagerly.  Holger had a plan but I don't have
|> any host opkg here, it's not in the toolchain thing.  I didn't see a URL
|> to download the new Poky thing, it isn't ready yet if I understood it
|> and seems to sit on stuff that isn't in place on my side.  And John's
|> helpful advice about where to get dev files, it talks about paths on
|> some host I don't know which one.  And Fedora bitbake just gives errors
|> about setting CACHE still.  I get to feel like an idiot and get nowhere.
| Hi Andy,
| Again, could you PLEASE tell me what you're trying to do here?  You
| just want to compile dm2, or you want to modify the code?

Modify it and repackage.  What I really want to do is actually host it
on git so I can work on it, and point the bb file to build against a
stable branch of it from git.  But before I can even put it in git or do
any work on it, I have to be able to even build it.

| Everyone here has simliar setup and they actually use it everyday.  I

Yes I see it is so how did they arrive at this setup from a standing
start is the mystery.

| will just write what works for us right now.  Remove the fedora
| bitbake.  Ignore the libts-dev (It's on buildhost, what do you mean by
| "I don't know which one"?) at least for now.

(I mean talking about /directory/... on a remote server without
mentioning the URL is assuming a little bit.)

| You can find everything I wrote here on

I went and examined it earlier, it refers to magic makefiles, monotone,
it is the middle of something not the start of it.  I also went and
looked up earlier --->>

| First of all the easiest way to setup the environment is MokoMakefile.

And this did seem like it was the start of something.  But I was unsure
if I build do the whole 12G / 5 hour odessy or what.

| For the impatient:
| basically you just need to

| mkdir ~/moko
| cd ~/moko
| wget

OK now this is the kind of thing I can use, I will give it a go: thanks
for taking the time to write it up -- either you or me should write it
up in the public Wiki if it works out.

How I capture the built tree or decide what to put in git I dunno but it
seems I can try to move on.

| Since it's a public list here I would like to add:
| The internal OE overlay is for NDA stuff such as production testing
| software.  Now we decided to open that up as well.  This dm2 and tslib
| fuss is part of it.

Yep for me it means I get to spectate on what it is like to approach
this build system from cold, as would a new developer: since I never
used it before.

- -Andy
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