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Thu Apr 17 17:00:48 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Secondly, beyond this simplistic approach, what you describe above is
| basically something called "packaged staging". This has been a goal for
| OE for years. Its actually quite hard to do in the totally generic case
| which is why its been a long time coming.
| Recently I've been paid to work on it and now, if you provide OE with a

This is normal SOP on RPM, SRPMs have formal "build requires" that go to
the main package database to check for at build-time.

But I am encouraged you know what I am moaning about, you have a plan
for it and you are getting paid to work on it.  If Openmoko want to use
this as the default that will be a big step towards looking and acting
like a "normal distro".  If I needed to build against X libraries,
there's no reason at all I have to build X myself.  Someone built the
libs already and made the includes available... just install that and
go.  I dunno what those -devs are for otherwise.

| cd /whereever/the/toolchain/rootfs/is/
| ar -x tslib-dev.ipk
| tar -xvzf data.tar.gz
| if you want to do a quick hack.

This is the kind of thing but John points out there are other
dependencies.  And unless it is done through a package system, it'll get
out of hand with forgetting to update something by the hack method and
be in a mess.  So I guess it waits on your work.

| My point is that OE isn't deficient as such, there are solutions there,
| the OE devs are improving them and we mainly need to make them better
| known about. Throwing a build system away and starting from scratch
| seems wasteful when the problems are just ones of documentation and
| communication which can be solved on short timescales if people focus on
| them.

It's a multifaceted question... anyway it seems no changes will come in
the short and probably not the medium term.

Therefore whatever adaptations can be made to make the build process
more packaged and regular along the lines we talked about would be mega

- -Andy
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