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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sun Apr 20 10:38:00 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 01:22:55PM +0100, Andy Green wrote:
|> Now I heard already this infrastructure is being worked on in OE -- are
|> we committed to move to it when it is available?  Is there anyone going
|> to explain that the current way is preferable to this proposal or do we
|> all agree we need to improve the deal offered to devs that may consider
|> to casually work with this build system?
|> - -Andy
| yes om branch will stay as close as possible with oe.  so when
| package-staging is ready we're going to merge it.  the idea is the
| same, but it's not going to be exactly what you described here.  it
| will still be oe.  it still needs bitbake.

Say I propose that bitbake should be reined in a bit and not allowed to
compile a sub-distro on the host.  What kind of breakage can we expect
with that imagined change?

| i just wanted to take this chance to make oe work on your host so i
| don't have to reply on this topic again.  obviously i failed.
| personally i won't use debian unstable as om buildhost.  by the same
| reason i won't choose to use oe on fedora experimental.

I appreciate the work you put in, I couldn't've gotten started with it
without your step-by-step and studying the wreckage.

But about the current "sub-distro on host" strategy of OE/OM: it just
moves the host dependencies to the native host compiler.  That's why
OE/OM is really sensitive to the host distro.  (And I note again, Fedora
development compiler succeeds to build these packages like DBUS for
fedora packages!  It doesn't seem the compiler is broken.)

| what you need is just development so of course you can use any tool
| you like on any distro you want, as long as you get the correct
| result.  namely a dm2 software linked against glib, gtk, xft and
| tslib.  that's not so hard with a toolchain and all the -dev packages
| on buildhost.

I agree, that's what I see here too, I have to try to make a pile of
- -dev guts by hand and fight pkgconfig.  Or I can recompile the libs one
by one and static-link against my forks of them.  These are things the
build system should take care of.

- -Andy
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