Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (8,9)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Wed Apr 30 19:39:53 CEST 2008


sorry the last week was a bit busy. I attended the Guademy event in Valencia 
and needed to prepare some slides.

Qtopia work:
	- Started to extract the Qtopia prediction into an C interface. There is 
ongoing work to reduce the dependencies. The interface is negioated with 
raster, he is sadly unable to build the Qtopia tree for weird issues (dbus). 
A fix is pending.

	- Provide SMS, Contacts on DBus with an "ad-hoc" interface built on top of 
the Qtopia code to support diversity. This needs testing by olv.

	- Kill the wait dialog. It takes more time to position, fade in, show the 
spinning clock than doing the operation. The waitdialog is a bit of abused 
API. It is not only a replacement for a busy cursor, it can show some 
progress text, it can be 'canceled' too. So with killing the waitdialog some 
operations can not be cancelled anymore, I put a #warning in the code. The 
issue is that these kind of progress classes should not have used this class 
anyway... I feel like a janitor...

	- Trying to figure out races in the phone library, no conclusion yet

	- Some more dealing with Trolltech Qtopia support on the idioms I run across.

Distro work:	
	- Wrote some python foo to help locking down versions and svn sources. The 
april software update can now be built without an internet connection when 
the source is available on the disk.
	- Lock down certain versions, switch to SRCREV
	- EFL, illume, illume-theme, assassin, alsa-states updated to a new version 
in my branch. illume features "major" UI changes, more functionality, it is 
slowly getting finished and shaping up, nice work!
	- make sure Qtopia can play wav files by installing more gstreamer packages
	- started to look into poky to merge the SDK bits we want to have.

Noticable changes:
	- The golden state files for gsmhandset, are golden. There is a bit of noise 
on the "other" side but it is way better than the previous ones. Nice job 
	- Xglamo developed self healing capabilities?

So it is converging, getting better, some things are left to do (see status 
7), oh and it is still april but not long.... but everyone knows what to do.

happy hacking

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