gta01-pm-* and friends

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Feb 1 07:14:32 CET 2008

As Sean has mentioned recently, one known breakage that will result
from switching from to 2.6.24 is that some sysfs names
change from *gta01* to *neo1973*. In particular, gta01-pm-gsm changes
from neo1973-pm-gsm, requiring a new /etc/default/gsmd (this changed
in the 2.6.24.x tree in revision 3649).

Now, I think this could be adequately addressed (in gsmd and elsewhere)
by simply testing at run time which of the two possible directories is
there, but perhaps there are more subtle dependencies in the rootfs
that are harder to to resolve.

The goal would be to make sure the next rootfs will work with
and 2.6.24, so in case someone needs to revert to for some
reason, that can be done without nasty side-effects.

The changes are:

old		new
---		---
gta01-button	neo1973-button
gta01-led	neo1973-vibrator
gta01-pm-bt	neo1973-pm-bt
gta01-pm-gps	neo1973-pm-gps
gta01-pm-gsm	neo1973-pm-gsm

Please let me know if user space can be easily prepared for this
(maybe most of it is already ?), or if it will cause major upset.

- Werner

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