switch back to openmoko-keyboard

Erin Yueh erin_yueh at openmoko.com
Tue Feb 12 08:23:49 CET 2008

hi list,

Currently, we cannot have two keyboards in NEO coz of some conflict 
problems. We will try
to modify some code and allow user to switch multiple keyboards later.

if you'd like to switch back to the old openmoko-keyboard, you could 
follow these steps.

# ipkg remove -force-depends multitap-pad
# ipkg install matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod
# ipkg install matchbox-keyboard-im
# ipkg install matchbox-keyboard-applet
# ipkg install openmoko-keyboard

another method to build openmoko-devel-image with old openmoko-keyboard, 
you could modify this
bb recipe file 'moko/openembedded/packages/tasks/task-openmoko-base.bb' 
from ur moko work folder.

DESCRIPTION_task-openmoko-base = "OpenMoko: Top Panel, Application 
Launcher, Application Manager"
RDEPENDS_task-openmoko-base = "\
  matchbox-panel-2 \
  matchbox-panel-2-applets \
  matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod \
  matchbox-keyboard-im \
  matchbox-keyboard-applet \
  matchbox-stroke \
#  multitap-pad \
  openmoko-terminal2 \
  openmoko-keyboard \
  openmoko-panel-battery \
  openmoko-panel-bt \
  openmoko-panel-clock \
  openmoko-panel-usb \
  ${@base_contains('MACHINE_FEATURES', 'gps', 'openmoko-panel-gps', '',d)} \
  openmoko-today2 \
#  openmoko-appmanager \


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