GSM modem doesn't power off when Neo does

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Tue Feb 19 21:04:48 CET 2008

On Tuesday 19 February 2008 20:34:30 Kevin Dean wrote:
> I'm neither a programmer not an electrical engineer, this is only my
> interpretation of what Erin said.
> Bug #1003 can't be closed. The wording of the bug says "GSM is not
> powered down when Linux is shut down" implies that the kernel is
> capable of doing this. There are two ways to shut down the GSM modem,
> the AT at POFF via gsmd which CAN NOT be brought back up without a
> complete hardware restart (I'm thinking remove battery for 10 seconds,
> re-insert) and which can NOT be issued if gsmd is unavailable. The
> second way to shut down the gsm modem is to remove the battery. In
> either case, to move from on -> off or vice versa there is a required
> battery removal.

This is not correct. After a issuing a 'powerdown' the modem restarts when you 
press power to startup the device again.


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