GSM modem doesn't power off when Neo does

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Thu Feb 21 08:35:00 CET 2008

Shawn Rutledge wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 7:25 AM, Mike Westerhof <mwester at> wrote:
>>  Right, there have been some reports of that.  But debugging that old script is
>>  off-topic for this thread;
> I don't care; I'm glad to see some discussion which might lead to a
> resolution.  It's always amazed me just how little discussion there
> actually is around this project.  Maybe it all happens on IRC...

I too am amazed at the lack of discussion.  There were a lot of those 
devices sold to folks who wanted to be part of the community 
contributing to the development of the device.  I wonder where they all 
are now?  Clearly only a small set are on these mailing lists, and 
there's lots of lurkers on IRC but again only a small set of active 
folks.  I fear that for one reason or another, they've put their neos in 
a box or on a shelf, gone off and found other things to do... :(   I 
guess the relative lack of neos on eBay would indicate that there's 
still a chance they'll come back, perhaps once the phone begins to work 
like a phone.   One of those necessary basic features being, of course, 
that it doesn't kill the battery when its turned off...

However, the size of the rootfs continues to grow, so clearly there is 
somebody somewhere who controls what goes into that rootfs.   I'm rather 
hoping that someone will reveal themselves, and offer a suggestion on 
what solution would be acceptable (that's why I cc'd both the GSM and 
the distro lists).

If whomever is in charge of this decision is waiting for a set of 
completely-debugged, fully-implemented patches, all thoroughly tested, 
and just waiting for that person to pick the one that feels the best to 
them -- well, that just 'ain't gonna happen.  Writing and debugging this 
stuff takes effort, especially things like adding signal handling to 
gsmd, or adding the code to the kernel; a little direction before anyone 
invests hours or even days to write and debug isn't too much to expect.

I'm feeling more than a little frustrated right now, and it's not just 
due to this one little item -- in general, the OM distro seems to be a 
huge unknown, and I feel that there's little attention being given to it 
right now -- and even less to those who attempt to contribute.

I mean, just how bleeding difficult is it to address this problem?  
Really, how hard can it possibly be for somebody to say, "We of Openmoko 
select proposal X to solve this problem."   Why is there always somebody 
who jumps forward to say NO!! to a proposed solution, but there's nobody 
who can offer a suggestion on what they would accept?

Mike (mwester)

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